CMG-enabling remote SCCM clients

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Hi all,

What's the best way to attach SCCM clients to a new CMG when they're unable to come into the office?


Current scenario:
- On-prem SCCM server
- SCCM-managed Win10 devices, orphaned for now because of enforced remote working
- Working on implementing co-management


The options I see at the moment:
1. VPN - need to get Always-On with device channel working?
2. Auto-enrol in Intune and leverage Intune to modify SCCM client config (would lead to temporary co-existence with SCCM/Intune which I think is unsupported)

I'd prefer option 2 if possible.


thanks in advance.

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@Fergus Strachan See Configure clients for cloud management gateway for suggestions on how to install/configure off-premise clients for a CMG.

@Fergus Strachan I haven't used this system, but maybe this is an option -

you still need to install a client on the remote machines though.  


it refers to using Azure to do the install -