clients are not recognized in MECM 2309

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hi everyone, so i installed MECM 2303 step by step from several installation guide sources and the MECM installed without any error or any problem and also i installed SQL server for it without any problem, but the problem is even when i install MECM client software on users computers the MECM won't recognize them and i can't use most of the features of MECM,

here is a image of my client PCs :


Screenshot 2024-02-21 091946.png

as you can see all of my clients are here but none of them recognized as Client except for the MECM server, i check most of log files like ccmsetup log file but there wasn't any error on log files, may i ask what should i do ?

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are you only using ip ranges for boundaries? Do the client logs detect that they are assigned to the site? Did you install the agent on the devices? How did you install the agent?
i Used both ip subnet and Active Directory Site boundries.
how can i check to see if the clients detect that they are assigned to the site ??
yes i installed the agent throw the MECM configuration manager client wizard but i don't know if this is correct for installing the Agent or not.
i tried to search on the internet about how to install the agent on client computers but i couldn't find anything useful.
Convert all boundaries type to IP Ranges only. This will solve a ton of issues.

All of this is covered within the logs.

How do you even know that the client is installed? Did you look at the client or the logs?

i did what you said and removed my active directory boundry and some of servers changed to active client in MECM but still my clients are not active and the real problem is the clients IP address on the devices list is completely wrong, i mean the MECM didn't update the ip address of the Clients but i added my dhcp servers on the MECM on network discovery method, may i ask why this is happening ??
i'm sure that the MECM is installing the clients agent automatically because i enabled automatic site-wide client push installation and the proof of that is the agent is correctly installed on my own pc on the network as soon as i removed the active directory boundry and now my own pc is on state of active in MECM devices list.


Screenshot 2024-02-27 083429.png

here, this is my setting for push installation.


these are my boundries now and

Screenshot 2024-02-27 083534.png

this is the list of client PCs after i deleted my active directory boundry and as you can see my pc (sapra) is now active but the point is i have static ip address ( because im admin ) but other users ip addresses are wrong, may i ask how can i fix this ?

First off those are IP subnets and not IP Ranges. Use IP Ranges.
Networks discovery is almost never used anymore. AD discovery is virtually the only thing people use these day.

Just because client push is enabled doesn't mean that it is fully working. For that matter, I would use a devices start up script instead.

Next have you reviewed the logs? e.g. on you devices What exactly do you see?


So i Changed all of IP Subnets Into IP Ranges.

I have all types of Discovery method Active :


Also, may i ask what should i do in order to force MECM to update the ip address of the client computers ??

and could you tell me how can i install client throw script ??

unfortunately for the logs, i don't have direct access to Users computers right now.

Your screenshot is still showing IP subnets and not IP ranges.

Here is the starting point to use a computer script to install ConfigMgr agent.