Cleanup Azure Services issue

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Hi people


I have had some issue regarding the Azure Services and this way I decide to clean up/ delete all services and set it up all again, but I cant not :sad:.  I hope you can get me a Help/ Tip on this before I build a completely new MECM Hierarchy .


MECM CB:  5.00.8968.1042



When trying to delete the Azure Active Directory Tenants I get this Message:



I came back to Azure Services and I only have the "Cloud Attach".

As I know this will be delete automatically when you delete the Co-Management, and I delete the CO-Management, but this "Cloud Attach" Azure Services still there, so I guess as long hi still there, I will still receiving this error Message and cant not go ahead.


have anyone a Idea how I can clean up this Please?

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@Mela I wouldn't be surprised if this was a bug. If you need to know for sure, you're going to have to raise a Support Request with Microsoft Support.

Hi @Michiel Overweel 


yes it loo like.

after wait a couple of days is working now..... very strange.