Changes to a TS takes long time to implement

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I'm in a SCCM CB1906 environment with aprox. 70k clients.
Whenever we make a (small!) change in our TaskSequense, it will take an hour before that change is implemented and we can use it when we press F12.

Anyone with an idea why ?




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I have never heard of this before, the changes should be more or less instant if it's just TS changes and not for example changes to packages.


Are you hosting SQL on a separate server and is it under too heavy load?


Have you raised a support ticket with Microsoft for this?


Thx for your reply.


I have never experienced this anywhere else.

The SQL are hosted on a separate box, and they do have issues with bad responses caused by heavy load.

Just recently I discovered that they did not reindex the databases - we have now changed that.

But we are still experiencing some Stored Procedures blocking for other processes

(we have a ticket on this).

Do you think that it just because of this ? (that would actually be great, since that is a problem identified)


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Not 1 hour, but I have seen some delay. With site status messages, you can follow what happends to your enviroment and it also logs any TS changes there.

Thx, I didn't think about that. I will do that next time.