BUG: Add Site System Roles Wizard (via vSphere)

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I just installed SCCM on a VMWare VM through vSphere and had some interesting trouble with my post-installation chores.  My hope is that this may save someone the hours I spent trying to solve this issue.

While stepping through the Add Site System Roles Wizard, on the "Supersedence Rules" step, there are two drop-down selectors to chose a number of months.  The lower one was not showing up for me at all.  "As well, on the Reporting services point" step, I was unable to see the "Set..." drop-down toward the bottom to specify the SRS credentials to use.  There is no artifact to show that the drop-downs should be there, and the wizard window cannot be scrolled or resized.  Strangely, there appears to be plenty of room for these elements to display.  They just don't.  Until...


They don't show up until you click "View Fullscreen" within vSphere and restart the wizard.  Browsing in full screen removes vSphere's "Send CTL+ALT+DEL" button, so I rarely use it, but if not in full screen, those form elements do not show up.  They won't show up if you go full screen with the wizard running, either.  Close the wizard, click View Fullscreen, then restart the wizard.

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