auto retire devices when delete office365 account

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Hey everyone, brand new to endpoint and stumped on this one. I am working on setting up BYOD for iOS and Android. I have compliance, conditional and configuration profiles setup and everything works when registering devices in terms of email being pushed to the device. What I have noticed is when a user's office365 account is deleted who has a device their email will remain on the device and I realized their device is not retired. I'm trying to make this as few steps as possible for our front line and so I'm hoping upon deleting a users o365 account I can have any devices of theirs auto retire. How would I go upon completing this?

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Hi @seankelly2305 


Nothing out of box is available for you to use. You need to automate it. One idea came to my mind is build a logic app that can be triggered when you receive a leaver request from your HR department. This will query graph with devices under that upn and you create adaptive card on teams for your IT team to retire the device.


Here are some similar examples to give you an idea!



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