Application Deployment Failing for User Unless I Log In As Adminstrator

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I've got this issue that has driven me nuts for years but have never been able to figure out what's going on. I have an SCCM application with two deployment types. The first is an APPX, the other is an EXE. They are part of the same product and have to be installed together but the EXE has to install first so the APPX has a dependency on the EXE and I've set up the ordering to install the EXE first then the APPX.


We deploy this application to devices running in multi-app kiosk mode to a non-privileged user. This usually works fine but I have a few devices that refuse to install the application for the standard user until I log into the device with the local administrator account.


When the device won't install for the user, I try triggering app evals, policy downloads, software inventory etc. but most of the time I won't even see the app in appdiscovery.log when it runs an app eval. Nothing I do, including reboots, will install the app for the user.


I usually fight with this for about an hour until I finally concede and RDP into the devices as the local administrator. At that point, it installs the application (EXE and APPX) for the local administrator then I reboot and it installs for the standard user.


I just wish I knew why I have to log in as local admin to jumpstart things for the standard user. Any ideas?




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Have you create a install log and review it as to why it is failing?
Hi Garth, thanks, no I haven't done that. I've not heard of this process of creating an "install log" can you provide a link to a guide on this? Is this something on the server side? Thanks
Only your vendor can tell you how to create an install log. They will give you the switches need for this. you can try /? to see if there is a a help file for this.