After sucsessfull OSD (Win10) trying to reinstall the client PC with the same TS fails

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i created a TS do deploy Win 10 on a Client. All works fine so far. It´s a test enviroment so i done some changes at the TS and try to reinstall the same Client with the same TS.


Result is, the PXE starts and the SCCM screen appears but  the PC reboot and starts the previous installed Windows 10...


Iam new to the SCCM so where can i find log´s to see whats going on (logname)




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thx for link.


found alot of errors in the smsts.log :)


Just another question:

The installation succeed now, but some drivers dont get installed and after the installation at the logon screen it hangs up "just a moment please". After shut down the PC and start it again everything works fine.

Problem is the smsts.log is deleted.

In C:\sms...  c:\windows\syswow64\ccm\ are no logs present....

is there another location for this log after the osd ?


CM wouldn't delete the log so, it should be there somewhere. Look in the temp too.