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Apr 11 2023 08:00 AM - Apr 12 2023 11:00 AM (PDT)

1910 Hotfix not showing up in updates and servicing

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Hi All, 


We have recently upgraded our SCCM console to 1910, downloaded the hotfix from the KB article , ran the hotfix where it says it be made available on updates and servicing within the SCCM console and has not appeared for over a week checking for updates and refreshing.


In the dmpdownloader.log, it doesnt show anything that processes the file in easysetuppayload folder. 


Any suggestions on other areas to look into or logs? 

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@jasonk808 I was under the impression the Hotfix was only necessary if you updated to 1910 (at release or before?).  We opted-in early so I had to upgrade our environment.  After the Hotfix, our Full Version is reporting 5.00.8913.1026.  You might check your version against that.

@Joshua Millet Hi, i've read the support article for the KB and my 1910 package ID (4CE24C49-E6B0-4B4F-9AD8-CA31FF269F23) is applicable to the hotfix. Our Full version is 5.00.8940.1012

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@jasonk808, we did refresh this hotfix and added applicability for package ID 4CE24C49-E6B0-4B4F-9AD8-CA31FF269F23. So @Joshua Millet may have the right idea. If you downloaded it on or before Jan 21, you may have the older version of the hotfix that was not applicable to 4CE24C49-E6B0-4B4F-9AD8-CA31FF269F23.


Try downloading and installing it again.



@Yvette O'Meally This had worked thank you soo much! i was too proactive downloading the hotfix before Jan 21.


i've downloaded and ran the import tool resulting with the hotfix appearing in the MECM console.


also thanks to @Joshua Millet on your thoughts aswell.