Wrong translations of free in the meeting room lookup

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wrong translation of free in Dutch, should not be "Gratis", it should be "vrij" or "beschikbaar"


  • Language - Dutch
  • Description of issue - wrong translation
  • Steps to reproduce your issue - select "locatie"in the new meeting popup
  • Device/OS/Browser - laptop HP/ win10/ Chrome
  • Current translation - Gratis
  • Suggested translation  - Vrij
  • English text (if known) - Free
  • Reason why you feel it should change  - Gratis means it costs nothing
  • Screenshot
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Hi, it is indeed a strange translation for available. Vrij or Beschikbaar would be more clear. Vrij (as in free / available) is an option. I would prefer Beschikbaar (which means the the location is availlable to use).

Beschikbaar would be beter but is a bit long :)