Wrong title

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Description of language or user experience issue

Misplaced “Titel på” in title of template under Start from a template





Steps to reproduce your issue

Go to https://sway.com/my


Browser used (if applicable)



Current translation (if applicable)

Titel på ferieberetning


Suggested translation (if applicable)



English text (if known)

Vacation story


Reason why you feel it should change

The words "Title på" should only be shown when you actually open the template and have access to replace it with your own title—it should not be shown on the main page (which is the behavior in the English version).


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Hi @Jørgen Koch so I have a discussion kicked of with the Dev team who created the English templates on this.  We are asking them to change the English template name as below. Once that is done we will be able to change the localised ones as it is bad localisation practice to deviate from the source. Thanks for pointing this out to us! 



Here is what we are asking them to change....

DIY Project recap title change to DIY project 
Vision document title change to Vision document 
Portfolio title change to Portfolio
CV title change to CV
Blog Entry title change to Blog Entry
Newsletter title change to Newsletter
Presentation title change to Presentation
Professional Profile title change to Professional Profile 
Report title change to Report 
Vacation story title change to Vacation