Wrong title

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Description of language or user experience issue

Template title of the resume in the Sway main window





Steps to reproduce your issue

Go to https://sway.com/my


Browser used (if applicable)



Current translation (if applicable)

Titel på CV


Suggested translation (if applicable)



English text (if known)



Reason why you feel it should change

General error in template titles on the main page but it is correct written on the template page (Titel på CV).

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Hi @Jørgen Koch Welcome back - you have been missed :) ! I hope you had a great summer! We will have our Danish moderator take a look. The English template also says "CV title" so we may need to change the English source file. I tend to agree with you that "CV" sounds better and I am hoping the Dev team who created the English Sway Templates agree. We will be in touch when we know! Thanks Staff 




I had a great one and hope you had a great summer too




I have to correct you. You only see the word "Title" when you open the template and this is correct but it should not be shown in the Start from a template group.


Hi @Jørgen Koch I think we mean the same thing. It should not appear in the thumbnail carousel on the web version like below? We should follow up offline just to be sure. Staff 

start from a template.png


I had the English one opened in Firefox and strangely enough didn't see the "title"—only in the Danish one I opened in Edge???


The English picture above is from Firefox




Hi all,


by curiosity, I have looked, how it is for me. In the English version, the caroussel does not show the word title in the browsers I tested: Windows 7, Chrome, Firefox, IE and Windows 10, Chrome and Edge.


In the German version, the word title is included for some templates in the caroussel (did mention it in a competition post here too). Same is for French, Italian, Spanish and Danish for me. So, I guess, it's for all languages, excepted English.




Hi Mourad Strange. I don't see the word title in the caroussel when switching to English. Thanks for adding to the confusion ;) Regards, Jørgen

Hi Jørgen,


I don't see the word title in the caroussel when switching to English. 

Exactly the same for me and what I meant in my previous post. In English, no "title" in the caroussel and that's ok.





Yeah, I totally agree and it should be without, but if you look at the screendump from Stafford, the "title" is shown in the English version on his computer.