Word Online Paragraph settings dialog for German and English

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Hi there,


when right clicking somewhere in your Word Online Document, it's possible to call the paragraph settings dialog by clicking on Paragraph or Absatz in German. The same is possible in the Desktop App for Word. I would like to give some feedback for the translation to German and for the features of this dialog.


First, in English, the list entries for the line spacing settings are the same in Word Online and in the Desktop App (if available). For German, there is one entry, that differs from the translation in the Desktop App: Multiple is translated to Mehrere in Word Online and Mehrfach in Word 2016. I would like to suggest to use the same wording in both apps.




If you consider the alignment settings in the dialog, there are differences too, both for English and German. So in Word Online, Center is used and in the Desktop App Centered is used. The translation of Center to Zentrieren in German is correct, but that differs from the Desktop App too, where Zentriert is used.


The alignment settings in Word Online include the entry distributed or in German Verteilt. This setting is not available in Word 2016 (currently Insider Slow Build Version 1710 Build 8625.2121). So, if I set a paragraph to this setting in Word Online and then edit the document in Word Desktop, the alignment setting is set to nothing.











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Thanks for reporting this Mourad. We will investigate it. We will publish our Power BI Dashboard with competition results on November 30th. Regards, Declan