Word Online Japanese version 1

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found some linguistic (and layout) issues while checked quickly, other than the features in the instruction.



Description issue: redundant word

Repro step: VIEW > Immersive Reader, click Grammar Options

Correction: remove 2nd "現在"




Description issue: incorrect as Japanese ("指摘する" is not correct in the context (for 'like')

Repro step: click HELP IMPROVE OFFICE on the status bar (not WORD specific)

Suggestion: NA



Repro step: VIEW > Immersive Reader, click Text Preferences

1. Increase Spacing

Description issue: weird translation for 'Increase' 

Suggested translation: "拡げる", "空ける", or something like that


2. font name

Expectation: Japanese font name should be listed (as well?)


3. layout issue

Expectation: the alignment should be the same as the English version


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Thanks for entering the competition Kazuto! It will remain open until Friday November 24th. We will publish a PowerBI report on November 30th with the results. Thanks again! Stafford