Word/OneNote Online Japanese: inconsistent writing style in accessibility message text

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Description of issue: this is a minor inconsistent style issue
Repro step: (OneNote) open a notebook and run accessibility check (click View tab >Accessibility Checker)
Current translation: "障碍” (online), "障がい" (desktop), and "障碍(しょうがい)" (message in the Inspection Result box in Word desktop) 
Expected translation: they should be consistent
English text: "To make this page more accessible for people with disabilities, select and fix the issues in the Inspection Result box."
Comment: it's just a minor style issue but they should be consistent at least. There's no defined written style for 'しょうがい' (disabilities) but I think "障がい" (or "障碍 (しょうがい)") might be better since ”碍” is not in the list of kanji designated for everyday use (as far as I understand).


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Hi Kazuto - Thanks so much for entering the competition! Please keep your feedback coming! We will publish a PowerBI report on November 30th with the competition results. Regards, Stafford