Word - Blue Spheres Letterhead File - French Canadian


First, I do not think any of the files provided should be called "Templates". The Template terminology should be reserved solely for files that are REAL templates. In the case of this Word file, I would consider it more a model or tool to produce letterhead documents.


Now for translation issues:

  • Second paragraph the word Conception is used but the tab is labelled Création
  • When referring to groups of functions, the words should be capitalised so users know we refer to the UI - that is standard practice when training or describing software application steps. So in the French Canadian UI we should not have "thèmes", but Mise en forme. The sentence would then read "... de Mise en forme, de Couleurs et de Polices…"
  •  Last paragraph in French does not have the same meaning than in English. It should be: "Trouvez davantage d'outils faciles à utiliser dans…"


The rest of the translations are okay.


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Hi @Chantal Bossé 

Thanks for these suggestions. We will look at them and implement what we can. We really appreciate you taking the time to report them!