Windows 10 Mail: Japanese: wrong translation for 'Sort message into...'

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Description of the issue: the current translation for 'Sort message into Focused and Other' is wrong
Language: Japanese
Steps to repro: Settings > Focused inbox
Build Version #: 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation: [優先] と [その他] にメッセージを並べ替える
Suggested translation: [優先] と [その他] にメッセージを分類する, 〜分ける, 〜仕分けする, etc.
Source Text: Sort messages into Focused and Other



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Hi @Kazuto Shibata. Thanks for entering our March competition. Our Japanese Moderator is looking at your suggestion and we will get back to you in our competition PowerBI Dashboard. Best of luck in the competition! Declan