Windows 10 Mail App, es-ES - The Spelling Review Complete dialog contains a gender issue

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Description When performing a spelling/grammar check, when the review is complete, the pop-up that confirms its completion states "Ya está listo." when the header says "Revisión ortográfica finalizada.", which creates a gender mismatch
Language es-ES
Screenshot Captura_27.PNG
Steps 1. Open the Mail app.
2. Click on New mail.
3. Select the message body.
4. Go to Options > abc tick button.
5. Discard/accept all changes (if any) until the final completion dialog box pops up.
Build 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation Ya está listo.
Suggested translation Todo listo.
Reason for change To avoid this sort of gender issues, I suggest using "Todo listo," which can work for masculine and feminine nouns alike.
Corresponding English text (not sure) You're good to go!
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Hola @Álvaro Jimeno ...Many thanks for the reporting this and for entering our competition! Our team will investigate why this is happening and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard.

Regards, Stafford