Windows 10 Mail App, es-ES - The More side-bar option has a weird behaviour

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Description When clicking on the More side-bar option, "Historial de converses" (Conversation History) is displayed in Catalan. Catalan is another keyboard language I use, and prior to this test, it was the Windows display language. Even though after restarting the computer, this string was still displayed in Catalan.
Language es-ES
Screenshot Captura_25.PNG
Steps 1. Open the Mail app.
2. Click on More.
Build 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation Historial de converses
Suggested translation Historial de conversaciones
Reason for change This seems like a functional issue or a weird behaviour on my side.
Corresponding English text Conversation History
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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno many thanks for the reporting this and for entering our competition! Our team will investigate why this is happening and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard