Windows 10 Mail App, es-ES - The Discard/Dismiss Draft dialog contains a gender issue

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Description When discarding/dismissing a draft message, the dialog text addresses exclusively to male users.
Language es-ES
Screenshot Captura_24.PNG
Steps 1. Open the Mail app.
2. Create a mail.
3. Click on the Discard/Dismiss button (bin icon).
Build 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation ¿Está seguro de que desea descartar este borrador?
Suggested translation ¿Seguro que desea descartar este borrador?
Reason for change I believe this is a rather spread-out issue throughout the Windows products in Spanish, and I think that the translation could be gender-inclusive rather easily just by asking "¿Seguro que…?". I am unsure about the source text (discard/dismiss), so I included both terms for your convenience.
Corresponding English text (not sure) Are you sure you wish to discard/dismiss this draft?
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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno many thanks for the reporting this and for entering our competition! Our team will investigate why this is happening and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard