Windows 10 Mail App, es-ES - "Table Grid" translations seem inconsistent

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Description Some translations are "tabla con cuadrícula," while others are rendered as "cuadrícula de tabla" and "tabla de cuadrícula."
Language es-ES
Screenshot Captura_07.PNG
Steps 1. Open the Mail app.
2. Click on New mail.
3. Select Insert > Table.
4. Mouseover the table thumbnails.
Build 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation tabla con cuadrícula/cuadrícula de tabla/tabla de cuadrícula
Suggested translation tabla con cuadrícula
Reason for change The translations in the Mail App UI don't seem to be consistent because one can see both "tabla con cuadrícula" and "cuadrícula de tabla." Moreover, the source strings in the MS termbase seem to mix "table grid" and "grid table," so maybe first the source should be consistent, then the translations.
Corresponding English text Table Grid
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Hi @Álvaro Jimeno ...Our Spanish moderator will take a look at this inconsistency and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard. Thanks for entering our competition and for your feedback! Stafford