Windows 10 Mail App, es-ES - Issues in font color tooltips

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Description There are a couple of issues (uppercase and maybe word order) in the font color tooltips.
Language es-ES
Screenshot Capture_02.PNG
Steps 1. Open the Mail app.
2. Click on New mail.
3. Select the message body.
4. Select the font color dropdown.
5. Mouseover any color cell from the second row downwards.
Build 17.9029.22105.0
Current translation Más claro 25 %
Suggested translation 25 % más claro
Reason for change The word order seems wrong: the % sounds more natural at the beginning of the sentence. Also, since the tooltip contains a comma, the text should be lowercase. This affects both to "Darker" and "Lighter" at least.
Corresponding English text Lighter
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