Windows 10 Mail App Arabic - dismiss

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  • Description : In  the error bar, the dismiss button is not translated correctly.
  • Language : Arabic
  • Current Translation: استبعاد
  • Expected Duration: إغلاق



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Hi @Mohd Shoubaki many thanks for the suggestion and for entering our competition! Our Arabic moderator will take a look at your suggestion and we will get back to you in our Competition PowerBI Dashboard. Have a great weekend! Stafford 

to reproduce this issue:

- Click on the + icon to compose new email.

- Click on the send button without writing any text in any fields.

- You will get the error message shown in the post above.


Note that the current translation for "dismiss" in Arabic means"exclude" so the translation needs to be changed in all places dismiss is used.

Thanks for those repro steps @Mohd Shoubaki!