Windows 10 Calendar App, recurring event preview text, Translation to German

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Hi there,


I am using Windows 10 Enterprise Version 1709 Build 16299.309. I use the Windows 10 Calendar App in German. I have created a new recurring event. Depending on the date and time range, the preview, highlighted in the screenshot below, changes accordingly.






I would like to suggest to add a dot at the end of the sentence. When selecting the full day option, the text is shortened, but the comma remains visible. I would like to suggest to replace it with a dot in this situation.


When selecting a daily recurring event, there is on the right side an option to chose each weekday (Jeden Wochentag). In this case, the preview however talks about a work day (Arbeitstag) and not a weekday.






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Hi @Deleted . Thanks again. Our German Moderator will review your suggestions and we will get back to you in the competition PowerBI Dashboard