Untranslated shortcut keys in the tooltips and help window for Teams in German

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Hi there,


it seems, that additionally to the issue, I posted here for the meetings section all the shortcuts in tooltips are untranslated in MS Teams for German. For example, in any editor (e.g. in chat) I open, the shortcuts in the tooltips are untranslated. Right clicking in the editor text field shows also the shortcuts in English. It also seems that, each time I right click somewhere and a shortcut is mentionned, it is untranslated.


Additionally, when I open the help window with a list of all available shortcuts (by a click on my picture/avatar on the top right and selecting Tastenkombinationen), these shortcuts are untranslated too.


I have also an additional suggestion for this window: on the bottom, there is the text Erfahren Sie, wie wir unsere App zugänglich machen. The links leads to an online accessibility article. A more usual and common word in German for zugänglich would be in this context barrierefrei in my opinion.




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