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@Stafford Quaid 

I've seen a number of users reporting the Excel UI being partly translated when switching the UI language. See (Dutch) forum:


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Hi @Jan Karel Pieterse 


I hope you are doing well in these crazy times!

Thanks for flagging this to us. The Engineering team are aware of English strings appearing in the Beta channel builds and are working on a fix to release to customers soon.



Yes doing fine, hope you are too.
Thanks, I'll let them know.

Hi @Stafford Quaid 

it also seems, that more issues are present, at least for me. Installing Office 365 Betachannel by using CLI and several languages at once, results in that Excel is fully in English and does not consider any selected language. The other programs, such as Word or PowerPoint are not affected.




It seems there is an update which is supposed to fix this

Thanks, Jan, will try out that later today.

Yes the update with the fix should be available in all languages. Let me know if you are still seeing it after the latest update.

@Stafford Quaid Thanks!

Hi @Stafford Quaid,

I tried an update on my virtual machine yesterday, having Office 365 Beta channel (2011) installed and all languages packs for that channel. The update failed as it ran in a kind of loop and was downloading something for hours. At some point Windows 10 warned me from low space and the free disk space went down from about 30GB to about 5GB. So I killed the Office Update task.

I fully uninstalled Office today through CLI and an XML file. Then I reinstalled Office, also by using setup.exe and a XML config file for installing all 39 languages for the beta channel. That worked fine. Excel has now Version 2012 Build 13430.20000 and follows the selected language and as far I can see it, all is ok. :)



@Mourad Louha Good news! Thanks for confirming!