Translation to German within the Bing Online Feedback Dialog when inserting a picture to Word Online

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Hi there,


please open the dialog for inserting a picture from an online source to a Word Online Document. For this, please select Insert / Online Picture or Einfügen / Onlinebilder in German. In the dialog, please click on Feedback on the top right corner.




The last sentence has a grammatical error. It should be at the end ... haben, können Sie es hier melden. The link would stay on the word hier.


Please note, that the red frame in the background is not my screenshot program. It appears automatically when having the feedback dialog open and hovering on the background. I can see the effect in Chrome and the IE, having their latest updates. I did not test more browsers.




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Hi Mourad, On first viewing we think this string is owned by the Bing localisation team and not Office. We will investigate and keep you updated in our report out at the end of the month. Thanks for reporting it! Stafford