Translation into German of the dialog for reseting the share settings

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Hi there,

in the more options section for the share settings, there is a possibility to reset them. This then opens a dialog which looks in English like the screenshot below.



Calling the same dialog in German (Teilen / Weitere Optionen / Freigabeeinstellungen zurücksetzen) shows the following dialog.



The current text refers to the word Sway from the previous sentence by seine, which is imho not correct and should be dessen. But that's too complicated too and therefore my suggestion is to change it to:


Müssen Sie ändern, wer Zugriff auf dieses Sway hat? Wir vergeben dem Sway endgültig eine neue Webadresse, die Sie dann wieder mit den passenden Personen teilen können.




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Thanks for the feedback and your entry into the Sway competition. We will review and fix the issue where we can. We will also summarise and report out to the community on all the issues.