Thoughts on the Dutch translations of Sway


I've worked with Sway when it was just released. And I must say, it's grown a lot! Many new features, and a lot of things I can use in my work. Well done Sway team!


Here are 3 suggestions:

"Beginnen met lege Sway" --> "Beginnen met een lege Sway"

"Ontwerp" is the name of the menu, but in the "new features text" there is mention of "Ontwerpen" menu. This should be changed to Ontwerp. 

"Benadrukken" and "Accent" are not commonly used names for Bold and Italic. More common names are "Vet" and "Cursief" (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook & Excel uses these translations, just to name some). 


Please find images of the 3 suggestions in the attachments. 


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Hi Eric, 

Thanks for the positive feedback on the new features in Sway and your entries into the competition. We will review and fix the issue where we can. We will also summarise and report out to the community on all the issues.