Teams: Japanese: mistranslation for Download the mobile app instruction

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•Language: Japanese
•Description of issue: (medium) mistranslation for Download the mobile app instruction, the current translation says that the link is sent to the mobile app, it's sent to the email.
•Steps to reproduce: click Availability icon > click Download the mobile app
•Device/OS/Browser: Windows client app,
•Current translation: 「お客さまのメールアドレスを入力してください。ダウンロード リンクをモバイル アプリに送信します」
•Suggested translation: 「入力されたメールアドレスに、モバイル アプリのダウンロード リンクを送信します」
•English text (if known) : "Enter your email and we'll send a download link to the mobile app"


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