Sway - Translation into German of the "Viewed" section

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Hi there,


Sway shows on its start page a "Viewed" section, where I can see the Sways, I have viewed. In English, it looks like the following screenshot, when no sway has been viewed yet.




In German, this section looks like the following screenshot.




By using the word "angezeigt" twice in the message, the sentence sounds strange for me. Therefore, I would like to make some suggestions:


Suggestion 1

the suggestion is to replace the title "Viewed" by "Angesehen" and the sentence "Nachdem Sie einige Sways angezeigt haben, werden sie hier angezeigt." by "Nachdem Sie einige Sways angesehen haben, werden diese hier angezeigt."


Suggestion 2

the suggestion is, if "Viewed" could not be replaced, use another word for the second "angezeigt", for example: "Nachdem Sie einige Sways angezeigt haben, werden diese hier aufgeführt."





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Thanks for the feedback and your entry into the Sway competition. We will review and fix the issue where we can. We will also summarise and report out to the community on all the issues.