Sway templates in German - Sales Pitch


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there is a template from the Get Inspired Templates named Litware-Contoso Sales Proposal in English and Litware-Contoso-Vertriebsangebot in German.


On the bottom, there is some untranslated text, as shown in this screenshot. The picture in the template has a incorrectly separated word, it should e.g. be ... des Partnerschafts-prozesses so that the line break is more readable.






And, I am unsure, if Ausführen is a correct (technical/business) translation from Execute & Measure in this context.


Additional note from 2018-08-15 14:05 : I noticed and was not aware, that images can have title, which is entered as fluid text. So I think, that in this case the incorrectly separated word, I mentionned before, is separated by the code. And it's not a translation error then. I grayed out the text above.




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Hi @Mourad Louha thanks for all these suggestions. We will be in touch once the German Moderator has looked at them! Regards, Staff