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I tested the Resume Writing Samples template for German. I have some suggestions and corrections for this template. Here is a screenshot of the template in German.




Regarding the title, please see my suggestions here.


In German, I would use the word den before the word Platzhaltertext. Then, the sentence part would be ... markieren Sie den Platzhaltertext ... 


However, using den would imho imply that all the paceholder text should be highlighted. Now, if in the English template (... highlight placeholder text ...), it is meant that the full or only a part could be highlighted, then, I would suggest to precise this in German, for example by ... markieren Sie den gesamten oder einen Teil des Platzhaltertextes ...


I would not combine dashes and the ampersand in the translation for drag and drop. Therefore, a translation would be Drag & Drop or Drag-and-Drop or Ziehen und Ablegen.


In the section for eduction (Ausbildung), the English text School name has been translated to Name der Schule. I think, most people in Germany associate Schule with the school we were going to when we were kids. My suggestion would be to find a more general name, such as e.g. Ausbildungsstätte.




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Hi @Mourad Louha Thanks for all the suggestions below. Our German Moderator will take a look and we will get back to you. Have a great weekend! Staff