Sway templates in German - How to Sway


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there is a great template/tutorial in the Get Inspired section for getting familiar with Sway and named in English How to Sway and Sway im Leben in German.


However, I guess, the tutorial was written for an older version of Sway (if I remember well) and therefore some images (screenshots) and descriptions are no more valid for the current version of Sway. For example, in my Sway version, there is no menu (Insert / Cards / Design / Layout) on the top. I could not find issues in the German translation as it is.




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Hi @Mourad Louha so this feedback is valid in English also also so we will need to update the English source files also. We will highlight it to the Dev team who created the English files and get back to you on it once they have come back. Thanks for the suggesting it! Staff