Sway Templates in German - External Newsletter


Hi there,

I tested the External Newsletter template for German and I have some corrections and suggestions for this template. This is how the first section in this template looks like in English.



And this is the German version:image.png


For the first sentence, I would use Erstellen instead of Geben so that the sentence would be Erstellen Sie eine Zusammenfassung ...


As you are using styles to visualizing some possibilities, the word beidem in the second sentence should be bold and italic, like in the English version.


In the third sentence, Absatz should be plural like in the English version. I am a little bit unsure, if verteilen would be in this case a better word for aufteilen, but then the sentene part would be ... oder Ihre Absätze auf mehrere Karten verteilen, um leicht ...


Or, if you do not agree with using verteilen, then the sentence part would be ... oder Ihre Absätze auf mehrere Karten aufteilen, um leicht ...





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Hi @Mourad LouhaThanks for the reviewing the External Newsletter template and suggesting these improvements. We'll take a look at implementing these with our German moderator and we'll report back on the status in the Competitions PowerBI dashboard