Sway Japanese version part2

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I don't know if the Sharing options (selecting people and setting password) are available now - I saw them several hours ago but cannot find them now (as of posting this)


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Hi Kazuto - Thanks for sending these to us! We will investigate them. We will announce the winners and provide a report on what we are addressing on the back of the competition at the end of October. Thanks again for taking the time to enter! Stafford

Additional Info:

Browser/Platform: IE 11(11.15.16299.0) on Windows 10 (1709 16299.19) 

1st image (top to bottom)

  • repro step: open sway contains image, and click Focus Points
  • issue: the description is unclear or a little different
    • current translation: 「重要なものをタップして、Sway で画像を配置できるようにします。」
    • suggested translation:「重要な部分をタップすると、その部分を中心に配置されます。」(sample)
    • English text: "Tap on what's important so that Sway can position your image."
  • issue: not sure what happens when turn on the option (translation is not wrong)
    • current translation: 「画像全体が重要」
    • suggested translation:「画像全体を表示する」(sample)
    • English text: "The entire image is important" (any reason why it's not "Show the entire image" or something like that?) 
  • issue: invalid style (inanimate shouldn't be a subject)
    • current translation: 「デバイスやスタイルに応じて Sway が最適なレイアウトを選びます。」
    • suggested translation:「デバイスやスタイルに応じてレイアウトが最適化されます。」(sample)

2nd image

I cannot find the first option (selecting people to share?) and the password option (and Create Password option) in the current build. I captured the image on Oct 24.

  • repro step: open sway and click Share, click Copy icon
  • issue: wrapping issue in "Copied" tip