Strange behavior in Danish Teams and wrong capitalization

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Description of the issue encountered in a localized version of Teams:

Strange behavior in the Danish Teams


Language affected:



Current translation:

Hver Tredje xxxdag


Suggested translation and reason(s) for change:

Hver tredje xxxdag 


Not "Tredje" but "tredje".


I wonder why the English "Every Second xxxday" translates and change behavior to every third xxxday in the Danish edition. It is also actually not EVERY second or third, but THE second or third day of the month which is shown opening the meeting in Outlook


Corresponding English Text (if known):

Every Second xxxday


Screenshot of the issue:



Steps to reproduce the issue

Plan a recurrent meeting in Teams


Platform (e.g. Windows 32, Universal, Android, iOS, Mac Desktop, Web)

Desktop client on Windows 64


Version (64-bit)


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