Steps 13 to 22 tests from the blog post for this competition in OneNote Online German

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Hi there,


the post follows the steps 13 to 22, you have mentionned on your blog post about this competition.


Step 13

No problem to open the Link and Notebook, however, I don't see the dropdown for Edit in MS Note and Edit in Browser. I only see button for Edit in Browser, which lets me edit the notebook, independently from that I am logged in or not.


Step 14

the ribbon in OneNote Online differs more from the ribbon in OneNote Desktop that e.g. Word Online does to Word Desktop. What I noticed, is that for inserting pictures, it's the same as in Word Online: OneNote Online uses Bild and Onlinebilder and OneNote Desktop uses Bilder and Onlinegrafiken. So, same suggestion as for Word Online to align those names.


Step 15

no issues with this.


Step 16

there is a difference from where I opened the Notebook, you linked in your blog post. I opened it in Opera and Firefox (just browsers where I am not logged in to any MS Site and I additionally deleted all cookies, history and so on). I can edit the OneNote file. The translation of the context menu is fine and it looks like this:




I use Chrome to currently test OneNote Online. So I am logged in there with my E3-Account. If I open a new tab in Chrome and open the link you provided, English and German are mixed up. The context menu then looks like the following screenshot. The same problem appears, if I open the context menu for the sections. It does not appear, if I open the context menu in the edit pane right to the page list. And I do not have this problem, if I open or create a notebook within my E3 account.




Step 17

I checked the translation of moving/copying a page to another location. In English, the info text is Move or copy this page to another location. In German, it looks like this:




The translation does not correspond to the English text, as in German, the translation talks about files and not pages. My suggestion is: Diese Seite an einen anderen Ort verschieben oder kopieren.


Step 18 - 22

no issues for German. Only one suggestion: if I click on the password protected section, an info message appears. The current title is Der Abschnitt ist kennwortgeschützt. I would like to suggest to use Dieser Abschnitt ist kennwortgeschützt or the title used in the dialog for the password entry Geschützter Abschnitt.




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Thanks for all these suggestions Mourad. I will follow up with you offline on the mixed UI you refer to in step16 in your post. Regards, Stafford