Skype (Android): Mistranslation in the Theme setting screenshot - esES

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Description: The screenshot in the Theme setting contains a calque from English.
Language: esES

Issue 37.PNG

Steps: Launch Skype > Tap on the user photo > Tap on Theme.
OS: Android 6.0
Current translation: Tan colorido
Suggested translation: Qué colorido...
Reason: "Tan colorido" is a literal translation of "So colorful." Expressions with the structure "so + adjective" are usually transferred as "qué + adjective" or "es tan + adjective + elipsis or a clause." "Tan colorido" on its own is incorrect. It needs either rewording or more elements. 
English source: So colorful

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Hello Álvaro! Thanks a lot for a number of feedbacks today. We will take a look and address the issues. Really appreciate it!! Regards, Do Hee

Thanks, Do Hee! Tried my best to provide meaningful feedback about the Android app. Hope it's helpful!

Hi @Álvaro Jimeno of course it is meaningful :)! Thanks for taking to time to give it to us!