Skype (Android): Calling version text is misleading - esES

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Description: The calling version text seems to convey a different meaning than that of the source.
Language: esES

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Steps: Launch Skype > Tap on the user photo > Scroll down until About and tap it.
OS: Android 6.0
Current translation: Versión de llamada
Suggested translation: Versión para llamadas
Reason: Not sure what "calling version" actually means here, but I'm supposing it's "Version of Skype for calls" or something in the likes. If so, "Versión de llamada" seems to convey "version of the call," which doesn't make much sense as calls don't have version. To avoid that and get closer to the original (supposed) meaning, I suggest using "versión para llamadas" which conveys "Skype version with which you can make calls."
English source: Calling version

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