Researcher in Danish Word for Windows and macOs

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Description of the issue encountered

In the Danish Word the "Researcher" command is translated to "Forsker" in the Windows version but to the more correct "Researcher" in the macOs version./p>


Language affected



Current translation (if applicable)



Suggested translation and reason(s) for change (if applicable)

It is more correct to use Researcher since "Forsker" is a scientist.

A Researcher

B Researcher

C Researcher

D research

E Min research (this item is wrong in the macOs version as well


Corresponding English text (if known and applicable)



Screenshot of the issue



Steps to reproduce the issue>

Select the References > Opslag group in Danish Word for Windows



Windows 10


Build number

W: 1804 (9226.2114)

M: 16.13 (180424)


Online link

The online help says the command is not available in Danish—but it is!


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Hi @Jørgen Koch I know there was quite a debate on the translation of Researcher when it was introduced. Thanks for the suggestion! Our Danish moderator will take a look and we will revert back in our Competitions PowerBI dashboard.  I also have some questions for you on the functionality. How did you find it? Did you find Danish content you were looking for when typing in Danish? We will definitely need to update the page to reflect the increased language support. Thanks again! Staff