"Le pida, se entregan" ( spelling mistake spanish)



  • Description of the issue encountered : Spelling mistake
  • Language affected: Spanish
  • Screenshot of the issue


  • Steps to reproduce the issue

Go to Setup > Help and Feedback > Get Help > Release notes

  • OS or Platform (e.g. Windows 10, Windows 7, Android, iOS, Mac, Web)


  • Build Version #

  • Current translation

Le pida, se entregan

  • Suggested translation and reason(s) for change

Lo pide, lo entregamos


  • Corresponding English Text (if known): 

You asked, we deliver

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Hi Rodolfo, Thank you for the report. We will follow up to address the problem. For any additional issues you may find, please include Skype in your post which helps us to process bugs. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thanks!