QuickStarter in Danish PowerPoint

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Description of the issue encountered

In the Danish PowerPoint you can not use QuickStarter, but you still have references and a Danish help page with How to-steps for it, which may confuse the normal user.


Language affected



Current translation (if applicable)

Not translated


Suggested translation and reason(s) for change (if applicable)

Maybe remove most of the content in the help pages and just state it is not available in the Danish version


Corresponding English text (if known and applicable)



Screenshot of the issue



Steps to reproduce the issue>

Search for "QuickStarter" in the "Fortæl mig, hvad du vil foretage dig" box or online



Windows 10 and macOs


Build number

W: 1804 (9226.2114)

M: 16.13 (180424)


Online link


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Thanks for reporting this @Jørgen Koch! So I have lots of questions.... So there is a disclaimer saying it is only available in certain markets. Is it not clear or easily discovered? It seems to be in the middle of the page hidden under the graphics. 



The Dev teams are working on supporting more languages including Danish. So there might be a couple of options to avoid confusion until Danish is supported. Which is the best one in your humble opinion? Do you think Danish users will type in English ever? Here are some options...

1) Keep the Danish page as is but make the disclaimer bigger, bold it and move to the top? Currently it is in the middle of the page.

2) Have the Danish help content default to the English content page? As in when a Danish user clicks on the content page they will be brought to the English page with English content.

3) (Not sure this is possible but I can ask the teams involved) Do we remove the functionality for Danish office users until it functions correctly when typing in Danish. This could be bad for Danish Office users who will type in English so I am not keen on this one. 


Thanks for your feedback!




Hi Staff


Thank you for you answer and questions.


I actually know a lot of Danish users are typing in English and a lot of users specially in large organisations are using the English version.


I make a lot of presentations and 50/50 Danish/English.


1) I think the disclaimer should be in the top of the page together with the MT warning.


2) Sounds like a good idea. 


What is very confusion is the fact that all commands and "screen shots" are in Danish so it looks like the Danish ie. PowerPoint should have it. I know a lot of people only look at the illustration or maybe also short command lines.


Maybe the best option in a perfect world would be Danish body text referring to the English commands and having English illustrations as well like "Du skal vælge File > New for at"—then you as a user automatically will look for at disclaimer.


3) No. Keep the functionality.