PowerPoint - School report presentation - French Canadian


The only real translation problem is on slide 5. In science, Data/Observations in English should be: "Données / Observations" in French. We are not commenting but making observations.


BUT, there are a few other issues that start with the English US file:

  •  In the Slide Master
    1.  The Master itself has custom text that seem to be in Italian. That does not change automatically when using it on another local language.
    2.  All the title placeholders have custom text in English. That too, should be changed for the localised language. 
    3.  Using the names of the presentation sections in the title placeholders of the layout will cause problems to many users. In Normal view they will see the title and think "it's all good, I see it no need to do anything". When they will start their slide show, NO TITLES will be visible because they were the custom text from the Slide Master.
  •  For slides 5 and 6: in the second block of text we have "...or simply click an empty placeholder text box and choose the display style that suits your needs.". No users will be able to understand anything with this type of instruction. They would actually need to SEE an empty CONTENT (not text) placeholder to understand that there are icons in the middle that allow choosing charts and SmartArt.
  • For slide 4 : again, how users are supposed to understand what to look for if they don't see it? And it is not called a "text box" but a content placeholder.
  •  Content placeholder in French: Espace réservé de contenu.

So, not only is my localised version not ready for public release, I think the English US version is not either. They both need rework before being suitable for release.


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