PowerPoint - How to ace a Skype interview - French Canadian file


This PowerPoint file should NOT be called a template at all. Nothing can be reproduced from it. And users cannot even use it as a file base for new content because the graphic elements are not individual vector files. I would label it more as a resource file, as it gives the DOs and DON'Ts of a Skype interview.


Two elements suggested for translation:

  •  Slide 2, Step 3, first bullet of the second group: I think the reference to "the day before" mentioned in English should remain for French too. Yes, it takes a little more space but adds clarity.
  •  Slide 2, Step 4, first bullet of DOs: the French translation for "dress the part" does not make sense. Non-verbal can relate to how we dress, so it should really be "Soignez votre apparence".

The rest is okay. 



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Salut @Chantal Bossé 

Thanks for the suggestions. Our French Canadian Office language moderator will look into them.