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・Description of language or user experience issue:
Description of language


・Steps to reproduce your issue:

 1.Open the Template “[おすすめのSwayを参考にする]Contoso 営業トレーニング”
  URL: https://sway.com/sales_training_ja-JP

 2.See its Template Title “弊社のアプローチ”

・Browser used (if applicable):
Google Chrome, Version: 68.0.3440.106(Official Build) (64 bit)

・Current translation (if applicable):
ステップ 1:情報

・Suggested translation (if applicable):
ステップ 1:情報
相手を知ります。←★Suggested title★

・English text (if known):

・Reason why you feel it should change:
"Prepare" is too abstract, the range is too wide.
Also, since Step 1 is the stage of preparing everything, I thought "I know the other party" which clearly changed "what to do" is good.


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Thank for reporting it @Takashi ABE. Our Japanese moderator will take a look at your suggestion and we will get back to you. Regards, Staff