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Description of issue: non-standard format, '午前/午後' should be placed before time like '午後 5:28'
•Repro Steps: open notebook/page, and click View > Check Accessibility
•Current format: hh:mm (午前|午後)
Expected format: (午前|午後)hh:mm
•Additional comment: "前回チェック" (source: Last checked) is understandable but not good. It's better to translate to "最終チェック時刻" or something like that following the other similar cases, 'Last Modified' or 'Last Printed', etc.
Description of issue:
   1) inconsistent translation (作業中 and 編集中) for "<username> Is Here" and "# People Are Here"
   2) missing name suffix (〜さん)
•Repro Steps: open a notebook from multiple platforms
•Current translation: "<username> も編集中", "他に <n> 人のユーザーが作業中", and missing name suffix (〜さん)
Expected translation: consistent translation and user name with suffix
•Comment: actually the user(s) are online (opening the same document) and we don't know the user(s) might not be working on the document, I think that's why the source is "... Is|Are Here" so '作業中' might be better.
Description of issue: inconsistent error message (this is NOT LOC ISSUE)
•Repro Steps: open a page contains hyperlink without friendly hyperlink text, and check accessibility
•Current: inconsistent error message - Online "No friendly hyperlink text", desktop "Unclear hyperlink text"
Expected: same error message
•Comment: other than the inconsistent issue, I'm not sure if the current translation ("フレンドリ"...) is appropriate
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Thanks for sending this our way Kazuto! We will investigate it. We will publish our Power BI Dashboard with competition results on November 30th. Regards, Stafford