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Hello team,

The overall quality of the text is very good. It is obviously not a machine translation, but a version already checked by humans and released somewhere.

However here I have some corrections:

  1. Live theater is not a Живой театр, but simply Театр (it is, with live actors, as opposed to a cinema theatre which is named here Movies and Кино, respectively)
  2. TAXES / State: Региональные instead of Государственные. The meaning of государственные in Russian corresponds to the meaning of федеральные (federal). English term state (50 states of USA) corresponds to Russian term federal subject (85 republics, krais, oblasts, cities of federal importance, an autonomous oblast and autonomous okrugs) referring to one of the constituent entities of the country. These territories are generally called regions. Consequently, from the general to the special, there are 3 types of taxes: federal (федеральные or государственные), state (региональные), local (местные).
  3. INSURANCE: Страхование instead of Страховка
  4. Health: Здоровья instead of Здравоохранения, similarly as Home Дома, Life — Жизни in the same section
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HI @Deleted 

We are happy to hear the translation quality is good.Thanks so much for these great suggested improvements to make the template more local. 



Hi @Stafford Quaid ,

My pleasure, glad to be of service to you.

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