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Hi team,
Here are some suggestions for the Excel template "Personal-Monthly-Budget.xltx" in Japanese.


  • Sheet: Start/スタート
    Current one: 追跡
    Suggested one: 記録

    In the first sentence "この個人用月次予算ワークシートを利用して、月ごとの予測収入と実収入、そして予測支出と実支出を記録しましょう。"

    "記録" is more than common expression to manage the budget.


  • Sheet: Personal Monthly Budget/個人用月次予算
    The below are suggestions for localization of Japan.

    Cells: B16,  Current JP: 電話,  Suggested JP: 電話・通信,  Original EN: Phone
    Cells: B22,  Current JP: 維持・修理,  Suggested JP: 修繕費,  Original EN: Maintenance or repairs
    Cells: B29,  Current JP: バス / タクシー,  Suggested JP: 電車 / バス / タクシー,  Original EN: Bus/taxi fare

B16: In Japan, major internet service is provided by telephone-based companies, and Cable is not common in Japan both TV and WEB.

B22: 修繕費 is more proper Japanese expression of maintenance or repairs for HOUSING.

B29: Adding "電車" that means train/metro because that is also major pablic transportation in Japan.


Also, extra suggestion for the below group.
B37: Insurance section *Revised and added, to be localized to Japanese culture and the insurance system.

<B38> Current JP: 住宅,  Suggested JP: 火災, Original EN: Home
<Add as B39> 地震
<B39 to be B40> Current JP: 健康,  Suggested JP: 医療,  Original EN: Health
<B40 to be B41> No need to change, "生命" is the best one!


Because of the geographic specification around Japan, earthquake is one of the major disasters, and most Japanese "home insurance" doesn't cover the loss.
Therefore, Home Insurance in Japan is often called "火災保険", which means like Insurance for house by fire and local natural disaster except earthquake.

Instead, there is the designated insurance for the earthquake. It is called "地震保険".
*地震 means earthquake, and 保険 means insurance.


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Hi @kazma_007 

Thanks so much for providing these suggestions and for entering the competition!