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in the Office Template for Excel and the new FILTER function, there are some issues in the syntax sheet Syntax for the German version. The title sounds a little bit strange and incorrect for me. My suggestions would be Syntax zur FILTER-Funktion or FILTER-Funktion - Syntax.


The shown syntax and the table with the arguments should name the arguments exactly as the argument names used in the real FILTER function in Excel. So, it would be =FILTER(Matrix; einschließen; [wenn_leer]). Please also use semi-colons instead of commas as argument separators.image.png

The first and third description for the arguments in the table are difficult to understand. Spanne, e.g. is not used in German for designating a Range in Excel. Should be Bereich. There is a very good description here on the online help page for the FILTER function in German in the syntax section. Note: the online help page also uses array as first argument, but in my last Insider Version of Excel, it is Matrix.

The selected cell in the screenshot above shows a long text, which has not enough place to be fully displayed. I suggest to increase the number or merged cells of increase the height.



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Hi @Mourad Louha 

We will look into each of your suggestions to see if we can implement them. Thanks for entering the competition and sending them to us.